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Our Values
BinaryBus is dedicated to maintaining personal service, and we believe it's important to maintain a set of values all of our employees can use to guide their work and their relations with our customers.
Customer Service
We value our relationship with our customer over anything else. Providing superior customer service is our business. We're more than a vendor, we're a partner.
Affordable Costs
Our prices are affordable. In fact, our customers have saved over 80% of what it would have cost to develop, maintain and host similiar solutions in-house.
Flexibility and Scalability
Our solutions our built so that you can start with something small that satisfies your organizations basic needs and then progressively add new features and requirements according to the performance and growth of your business.

 About BinaryBus . . .

Providing Web-GIS solutions since 1998. BinaryBus is dedicated to creating, managing and hosting innovative Web-GIS solutions for both government and business. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing web-based GIS solutions and know what works best and where to watch out for pitfalls. Our expertise can be a valuable asset in ensuring the successful implementation and operation of you Web-GIS initiatives.

BinaryBus, Ltd is a trusted provider of economic development Web-GIS applications. As an ESRI selected Business Partner, BinaryBus is trusted to deliver one of the most powerful and cost-effective economic development Web-GIS mapping products available to government and private industry. We helped pioneer the field of Internet GIS with the creation of one of the first web-based GIS programs designed for the presentation of county property information (our first client was the Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission in 1998, and remains our client today).